Tips to Better Take Care of Your Lawn

Have you just finished creating the best space for your outdoors? Here’s some tips to keep your lawn just the way you want it. 

  1. Keep the thatch, moss and weeds away 

Thatch, moss and weeds get in the way of your roots access to air, water and fertilizer. These appear in your lawn through the animals that pass by or the birds that fly over. One easy option to get rid of weeds is yo make sure you pull them out by the root. If it can’t be handled easily hand, grab some tool to help you do it successfully. If there are too many weeds to handle by hand, grab some herbicide with low toxicity to help get rid of the weeds and possibly inhibit their growth in the future.  

Thatch is an organic matter that can accumulate on the surface of your lawn. It brings benefits to your lawn however too much of it does not really benefit your lawn anymore, instead can be a reason why your grass root’s growth can be hindered causing dead spots in your lawn or thinning of the grass in your lawn. To get the thatch out, try raking it away from your grass lawn or try aeration. Lawn care is very important. 

Moss also hinders grass growth. It builds up in environment with moisture and can rapidly propagate. Ensure that moss is handled directly before it thrives more so that you won’t have problem with the growth of your grass.  

  1. Make sure to have proper drainage 

If having clogged gutters can bring big problems in the interior of your home, clogged or lawns with no proper drainage can be a cause for stagnant water in your lawn. If your lawn has waterlogged, it can really affect the overall growth and health of your lawn.  

There are 2 most common causes of this problem. One is the over absorption because of the soil present in your lawn. Two, the landscape of the garden inhibits proper drainage.  

If your lawn soil has too much clay in it can contribute in the problem of drainage however there are ways to counter this and that is through compacting the soil or have thatch areas that are thicker. If you want to better take care of the situation or problem, aeration is key to ensure that water flow is improved and air is circulating properly thus ensuring that there is lesser surface build up.  

The topography of your landscape can deeply affect your lawn as well. Always try to have a slope beneficial for water drainage to eliminate risks of waterlogging. Moreover, having plants that adapt more on wet areas also helps in getting rid of this problem.  

  1. Invest in aeration 

Aeration is a process that enables your grass roots to have better accessibility to air, fertilizer and water thus making sure your grass is growing healthy. This process is not just beneficial for the overall health of your lawn but also beneficial for problems like water logging or drainage issues or if ever your lawn is not as exposed to water or moisture and you are having problems with soil compacting.  

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